Orange Park Medical Center has the area’s first, human milk donation and outreach center, joining the network of Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB), a Colorado-based, nonprofit program benefiting women and babies nationwide.

Donating Milk Saves Lives

One ounce of human milk can feed a premature baby for an entire day, saving that baby’s life.

Babies in hospital neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) depend on the life-saving nourishment of donor human milk when their own mothers’ milk is not available. It protects babies from illness and infection.

Donor human milk is essential for any baby with a weakened immune system or special dietary needs. Donor human milk is also used in the cases of adoption; surrogacy; the birth of multiples; or when a mother is ill or taking certain medications.

By donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB), moms can be assured that their donation will be highly valued and treated with the respect it deserves. All human milk donated to MMB is tested and processed, and they take great care to preserve its original value.

For more than 30 years MMB, the largest nonprofit milk bank in North America, has provided life-saving donor human milk to infants throughout the United States.

MMB does not compensate women for their milk. It is all lovingly donated. This allows for safe, contaminant-free nourishment for babies and minimal processing fees for hospitals. Since the cost of a hospital stay typically includes needed nutrition, including donor human milk for all babies, families do not incur additional costs for using donor human milk in the hospital.

Donating Milk is Easy…

Call the Lactation Department at Orange Park Medical Center at (904) 639-3515 or or visit
  • Provide information to a lactation consultant during a short phone prescreening.
  • Complete an online, comprehensive screening form and a blood test at no cost.
  • Submit medical consent forms, and you are ready to donate milk.

Once ready, MMB provides containers, shipping materials and no-cost shipping.