H2U Workplace Wellness Solutions for Orange Park

Orange Park Medical Center is proud to announce a partnership with H2U – Health to You. Through the H2U Health Center and H2U Works program, OPMC is enabling employers of all sizes the ability to provide the highest level of healthcare and wellness benefits to their employees while lowering employer medical costs over time. Both the H2U Health Center and H2U Works program will enable employers in the greater Jacksonville area to offer their employees healthcare services and workplace wellness programs scaled to meet the needs of their workforce at a price they can comfortably afford.

H2U Works

Orange Park Medical Center now offers H2U Works to employers. This health education and engagement program is designed to empower individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles while helping employers realize increased productivity, less absenteeism and greater employee loyalty. OPMC offers wellness services that enable employers of all sizes to access robust engagement and education resources, biometric screenings and valuable health status reporting at an individual level for employees and in aggregate form for employers.

We make it easy to engage employees by providing a combination of engagement tools and special benefits, such as 24/7 access to H2U.com, recruitment campaigns to promote participation in wellness activities and fun health challenges that motivate employees to move, eat well and manage stress.

To educate participants about fitness, nutrition, preventive healthcare and managing existing conditions, we provide a comprehensive package of health awareness and communication tools like topical monthly e-newsletters and a monthly action-oriented health education series.

Finally, we assess employees’ current health and lifestyle habits in order to provide valuable health status reporting for individuals and group data for employers to help identify group health risks and opportunities to manage these risks. Annual re-assessments provide year-over-year comparisons and gauge employees’ commitment to adopting good health habits.

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H2U Health Centers

H2U has developed two health center models for self-insured employers. Both models offer the following service options: primary, acute and preventive healthcare; chronic condition coordination; medication dispensing (as permitted by state regulations); health coaching; virtual visits through telemedicine; and wellness programs and resources. Under each model, eligible employees receive access to an employer-sponsored health center with no out-of-pocket costs.>

Near-Site Health Centers

Anchored by a large company or hospital, near-site H2U Health Centers can serve small and mid-sized companies through a combination of subscriber and visit fees. Subscribers pay no start-up, build-out or implementation costs, but they receive immediate access to a broad scope of healthcare services conveniently located near the workplace.

h2u Orange Park Medical Center

H2U Orange Park Health Center

H2U and Orange Park Medical Center will be offering access to employer-sponsored healthcare services via an H2U Health Center located at 1883 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 1100. Health Center access is a benefit for OPMC employees and their dependents, but H2U and the hospital welcome local employers to subscribe for exclusive access for their employees and dependents to the H2U Health Center. A second H2U Health Center location will also be opening at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville later this year. Learn more about the H2U Orange Park Health Center.

Onsite Health Centers

H2U onsite health centers are suitable for larger companies with the resources to provide their employees with a health center at the worksite. For many employers, an onsite health center is a smart way to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve employee health status.

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