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Meera R Oza, MD

Meera R Oza, MD

I am a Rheumatologist since 1985 and Practicing in Orange Park, Florida since 1985. I recognized the utmost need of treating rheumatic diseases during my training in internal medicine since it is a very painful condition and it is generally ignored by the internist and general practitioners. I realized the shortage of Rheumatologist for taking care of many suffering patients, who required proper diagnosis and treatment. Over the years I have seen more than 30,000 patients and practicing Rheumatology has been a great source of satisfaction for me since I can make difference in patient's life, I can give them hope and they can live their life again. I treat my patients aggressively to stop the progression of the disease and deformities they bring. I am serving as a board member in Florida society Of Rheumatology since 2001, and I am a Past President of Florida society of Rheumatology . I have participated in Medicare carrier advisory board for l several years. I was a member of affiliated state council of the American college of Rheumatology and member of insurance subcommittee . I am also a member of ACR, AMA, FMA, Clay county medical society and AAPI.
Care Philosophy

Our Practice philosophy is to provide our patients comfort with kindness , empathy and compassion.