Staying Safe During Your Visit

At Orange Park Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment to allow you the opportunity to recover quickly and comfortably. Our entire team is focused on enhancing your stay and offering you first-class medical care, state-of-the-art technology, and attentive service.

During your time with us, you and your visitors can ensure your safety and security remains high by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Report Medical History – Please let our healthcare staff know of any past health issues, hospitalizations, or surgeries.
  • Provide Current Medication List – Any medications, prescriptions, or alternative remedies you are currently taking should be reported to your medical team. Please consider all treatments including over-the-counter drugs (aspirin, cold treatments, allergy pills), supplements (minerals, herbs, vitamins) or prescriptions (prescribed tablets, syrups, inhalers).
  • Detail Mobility and Sensory Challenges – If you currently experience any difficulties standing, walking, or transferring from your bed to a chair, please inform our healthcare staff immediately. In addition, all vision, hearing, taste, smell, or sense of touch difficulties should be reported.
  • Request Assistance – Often during the recovery process, strength and coordination can be diminished. Simple activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, or getting out of bed may become more difficult than normal. We are here to help you and, when not in your room, are only a short distance away. Please use your call light (or, when in the bathroom, the emergency call system) whenever you need assistance. We will respond as quickly as possible but may be assisting another patient at the time. We appreciate your patience should there be any delay.
  • Go Slowly – If you choose to rise without assistance, please take it slow. Take a moment to acclimate yourself by sitting at the edge of your bed before standing up. Once walking, steady yourself by holding onto the bed or another supportive structure.
  • Step Carefully – When walking in your room, in the hall, or anywhere in the hospital, please wear low heeled slippers with non-slip soles. If you do not have this type of footwear, simply ask your caregiver for a pair of non-slip socks. In addition, avoid any wet areas and report a spill you see to any staff member so it can be cleaned up immediately.
  • Keep Important Items Close – For your convenience and safety, your healthcare team will attempt to keep your call light, phone, remote, and other important items within reach. Should a necessary item be outside your grasp and you require assistance, please contact us.
  • Verify Hand Hygiene – To control the spread of infection, we encourage you to remind all hospital employees and visitors to wash their hands with the foam sanitizer (available in each room) or soap and water, prior to coming into contact with you.

We’re Dedicated To Your Safety

To ensure your wellbeing during your recuperation, our hospital has established several systems, trainings, and precautions designed to keep you safe. You may notice the following measures employed at various times throughout your stay:

  • Medication Tracking – It is critical that the medications prescribed by your healthcare team are delivered to you in an accurate and timely manner. With our Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) scanning system, your prescriptions are tracked and verified, crosschecked for known drug interactions and allergic reactions, and documented for reference by your physicians and caregivers.
  • Intravenous Drug Monitoring – Orange Park Medical Center was one of the first Florida hospitals to utilize the SMART pump for intravenous medication delivery. This medical innovation reduces the opportunity for dosage errors, allowing you to receive the optimal amount of the prescriptions intended to speed your recovery.
  • Bedrail Use – For your protection, your hospital bed is equipped with side rails. These bedrails may be raised by your caregivers while you are resting, after you’ve completed surgery, or if you have taken certain medications. Unless special circumstances exist, at least one section is always lowered to allow you easy entry and exit from your bed. Should you require a section lowered or raised, please contact a nurse to operate this equipment and assist you with entering or exiting your bed.
  • Safety Drills – From time to time, practice sessions may be run to reinforce our hospital staff’s safety training. These drills allow our employees to sharpen their skills in simulated situations, thereby better preparing them to handle real-life emergencies. If a drill should occur, nothing will be required of you. In the unlikely case that there is an actual safety situation, your caregiver will assist you.

Interpreter Services

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Sign language and oral interpreters, TTY’s/TDD’s, assistive listening devices, and/or other auxiliary aids and services are available free of charge to Patients and companions who need them for effective communication. For assistance, please contact any hospital personnel.