Orange Park Medical Center - September 12, 2019

Orange Park Medical Center found the silver lining of Hurricane Dorian in the six new lives that were welcomed into the world during the storm. Orange Park Medical Center welcomed babies Kiami, Alina, Yuliana, Charlotte, My'kah and Cameron during the hours leading up to and during Hurricane Dorian. The babies received special "hurricane" onesies that quickly went viral.

The adorable hurricane onesies are a special surprise that some labor and delivery patients at Orange Park Medical Center receive on holidays and other special occasions, all thanks to Transition Nursery Nurse Lauren Hodges. In her spare time, Lauren creates bassinet name cards to match the baby's at home nursery and fun themed onesies to help the families celebrate their new addition.

Lauren joined Orange Park Medical Center in 2015 as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse. Throughout the past four years her compassion for the babies in her care has helped raise the bar for Women and Children's Services at Orange Park Medical Center.

"What Lauren does is out of pure love for our babies. When we look at our values -compassion, ownership and excellence, she is a prime example of what we strive to provide every day to our moms and babies," said Suzanne Jones, Director of Women and Children's Services at Orange Park Medical Center.

The hospital shared a video of the onesies on their Facebook page following the hurricane and it quickly went viral. Within 24 hours, the Orange Park Medical Center hurricane babies had been shared through over 50 media outlets across the United States and on national news including CNN, MSN and U.S. News.

Lauren's themed onesies have been recognized through social media and local media many times over the years. Her onesies have included 4th of July, Mother's Day, Easter and last Christmas and New Year's.

Returning moms now look forward to getting the "Lauren Experience" when they come back to Orange Park Medical Center to deliver their baby.