Orange Park Medical Center - January 03, 2019

Now, Farrar wants to share his recovery with others. He knows recovering from a traumatic brain injury among the numerous other injuries he suffered can be discouraging, especially during the holidays. As he continues to work on his recovery he is training to be an electrician and plans to continue writing poetry.

Devon Farrar, a survivor of a hit-and-run, is starting off the new year with hope and inspiration through words. Just short of two years ago Farrar had a bright future ahead of him. He was on his way to the airport headed to Air Force Basic Military Training when his dream of joining the military was taken away from him in an instant. His moped was struck by a vehicle leaving him in a coma at Orange Park Medical Center.

After learning how to walk, talk and write again at Orange Park Medical Center's Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, Farrar has found inspiration in poetry. In the spirit of a new year and as a thank you to his speech therapist he sent a video to the hospital of him reading a poem he wrote about finding his words again.

An excerpt of the poem reads, "Without words how important can oxygen be? I thought this confidently as a heavy car hit me. My brain was raddled, knocking all of the words out of my body." In reference to his speech therapist he read, "She taught me words again but also unintentionally taught me how to smile again. Thank you Kaitlin for reminding me that words matter."