Orange Park Medical Center - February 19, 2020

Does your child feel anxiety over his or her height? It's important to be sensitive to these concerns and address them in a healthy and confidence-boosting way.

Here are a few key elements to explain while talking to your child about height:

  • Talk about your experience with height as a child and those of other family members as well.
  • Explain growth spurts and how puberty comes at a different time for each child.
  • Usually, girls grow between 8 and 13 years old and boys grow between 9 and 15 years old. Puberty lasts two to five years, and the end of puberty usually signifies their adult height.
  • Talk about nutrition and how it affects growth and development. Eating healthy won't make already tall children taller, but it will provide nutrients necessary to be a healthy and active child. Shorter children should remember that a healthy diet helps significantly with growth and development.
  • Tell your child to talk to you if he or she is being teased at school about height. The issue can be easily addressed by teachers or administration.
  • Finally, remind your child that no height is an abnormality - they are perfect the way they are.