Orange Park Medical Center
November 22, 2019

Orange Park, FL - 20-year old Gabriella Manges was rushed to Orange Park Medical Center after a tragic crash with a garbage truck last June. Manges suffered a severe brain injury, shattered jaw and multiple fractures. After five short months of rehabilitation, Gabriella will be walking back into Orange Park Medical Center today to reunite with the caregivers and first responders that saved her life.

"If you've never met Gabriella before, you would have no idea she's suffered such traumatic injuries," says Dr. Miren Schinco, Trauma Surgeon and Trauma Medical Director at Orange Park Medical Center. "She continues to surprise us each time we hear about the victories in her recovery."

Gabriella was merging onto the Buckman Bridge from US-17 when she hydroplaned into traffic and was t-boned by a garbage truck at 70mph.

Gabriella's mother Mary Manges spent 28 days by her side at Orange Park Medical Center. After five months of watching her learn how to walk and talk again, she is excited to reunite with the team that saved her daughter's life.