It's best to be prepared before a hurricane with your emergency supply kit and a refill of your prescriptions. One women learned the hard way during Hurricane Irma when she couldn't get her critical prescription filled which ended up leading to a stroke. Strokes can be deadly, taking nearly 140,000 American lives each year. Fortunately Jackie Evan's story didn't turn out that way. Despite weather conditions and flooding throughout town Evans was rushed to Orange Park Medical Center ER which was fortunately open during Hurricane Irma. Doctors were able to save her life because of quick treatment. "I have never seen such a miraculous recovery," Dr. Islam Tafish a Neurologist at Orange Park Medical Center said.

"This story is a prime example of why we remain open when a disaster strikes. Our healthcare workers leave their families behind to help keep our hospital functioning throughout a storm like Irma so we can help patients like Jackie," said Chad Patrick, Orange Park Medical CEO.

Evans wants to share this lesson learned with the public to ensure people are prepared when a storm comes.