After weeks of preparation, HCA Healthcare's Memorial Hospital and Orange Park Medical Center are resuming elective surgeries, procedures and visits today.

“We share the Governor’s concern that people are putting their health at risk by avoiding care and delaying important surgeries,” said Dr. Bradley Shumaker, Chief Medical Officer at Orange Park Medical Center. “We encourage patients who need care to come to our facilities to avoid becoming sicker and suffering more because they delayed necessary care.”

Memorial Hospital and Orange Park Medical Center are taking unprecedented precautions to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Their Universal Protection Plan touches every part of the hospital, and starts before you even enter the door. The plan includes:

  • Screening everyone for COVID-19 symptoms before they can enter the hospital
  • Performing temperature checks on all employee, physicians, patients and visitors
  • Giving everyone a mask before they enter the hospital and requiring them to wear it
  • Limiting visitors - allowing one masked guest with each surgical patient

Here are some of the things Memorial Hospital and Orange Park Medical Center are doing inside each facility:

  • COVID-19 patients and suspected COVID–19 patients are cared for in a dedicated area by the same staff, and not throughout the hospital
  • Social distancing is required at all times – you will observe seating has been spread apart, capacity limits for elevators and rooms are posted and 6–foot increments will be marked where lines or groups might form
  • Frequently disinfecting all surfaces in every area

Elective surgeries and procedures are things that can be scheduled. That doesn’t mean they should be seen as optional. It also doesn’t mean this care should be delayed indefinitely. There can be serious health consequences with that.

“People have asked if things will be different if they wait a month or two,” said Cory Darling, Chief Operating Officer at Memorial Hospital. “Our country’s top health experts have said we will be dealing with this environment for months to come. With the added precautions we've taken, our neighbors can receive the care they need safely at our ERs, physician practices and hospitals.”

As a part of the HCA Healthcare family, Memorial Hospital and Orange Park Medical Center have access to important supplies and infection prevention best practices from across the country.

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