In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Oakleaf PetSmart Store Manager Rob Chase visited Orange Park Medical Center and Park West ER with gifts in hand. The store donated stuffed animals for children spending time in the hospital over the holidays.

The stuffed animal giveaway is something the local business does each year around the holidays. The amount of participation this year has been overwhelming. Overall PetSmart will be donating over one million stuffed animals around the country.

"If we can get them into the hands of children that need comfort and a smile during a challenging time we are more than happy to help," said Rob Chase, Oakleaf PetSmart's Store Manager.

Area residents can visit PetSmart located at 9515 Crosshill Blvd, Ste. 113 Jacksonville, FL 32222 and pay $5 to donate a stuffed animal. So far this holiday season the store has donated 2,000 stuffed dogs, cats and bunnies throughout the community.

"We see over 20,000 pediatric patients in our ERs each year. It can be a scary time for children when they have to visit the ER. This will give us something to help ease their anxiety while we treat them back to health," said Jennifer Mick, Emergency Department Director.