Myles Callahan with stroke pin

Orange Park, FL – Myles Callahan and Angel Vasquez have spent the past two weeks as roommates at Orange Park Medical Center. The unique bond they formed during this time helped save Angel’s life, when he began suffering from a stroke. Due to Callahan’s quick actions, the care team at Orange Park Medical Center were able to spring into action and get Vasquez the attention he needed.

Vasquez and Callahan had been communicating through a translation app during their time together on the 4th floor of Orange Park Medical Center. Yesterday, when Vasquez called out for Callahan with an “Amigo” in an unusual demeanor, Callahan quickly knew something was wrong and he called for help. “If that was my dad, I would want somebody to step up and help. That’s the best thing we can do right now is help where we can,” said Callahan.

Angel Vasquez and Myles Callahan with care team

Today, Callahan went to visit Vazquez in his new room, where he is now receiving a higher level of care. The two, now friends, visited through a translation app and Callahan was presented with a stroke pin from Orange Park Medical Center, to recognize his role in saving Vazquez–s life.

Kim Keller, Nurse Manager at Orange Park Medical Center says Myles was a valuable part of their team yesterday. Because of his quick actions, Angel is here and he is doing well.