Orange Park Medical Center is now offering their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) families a new option that will help give peace–of–mind at a difficult time. The hospital recently rolled out the use of NICVIEW, a bedside camera that shares a live–stream of their baby through a secure and private closed system viewable on any smart phone, tablet or computer.

“In order for us to keep our tiny babies healthy we have restricted visitation in the NICU,” said Suzanne Jones, Women and Children's Director at Orange Park Medical Center. “This technology lets our parents see their little ones outside of visiting hours and gives siblings and other family members the chance to see the baby any time

they want.”

Orange Park Medical Center treats around 500 babies in their NICU each year. For the Tyson family, NICVIEW would have helped put their young son Mikey at ease while his little brother Easton spent 19 days in the NICU.

“We had so many cries and Mikey had so many questions that I struggled to answer. I remember the days like it was yesterday,” said Molly Tyson, Orange Park Medical Center patient and mom of two. “If we had the opportunity to show him where his little brother was it would have made a world of a difference for our family.”

The Tyson's had an opportunity to show their oldest son where baby Easton spent his first days this past month at the hospital's NICU Reunion.

“He got to see the bed Easton slept in, the bottles that fed him, the little tubes, machines, cords, monitors and itty bitty diapers. We were finally able to answer his questions. I witnessed pure genuine concern from a big brother for his little brother.”

Tyson says it makes her heart happy to know future families will be able to make that connection for their siblings from the beginning.

Orange Park Medical Center is the only hospital in Northeast Florida to offer this unique benefit for families going through the challenging time of having a newborn that is premature or in need of special care.

“We recognize how stressful it is for parents and other family members to have a hospitalized infant under any circumstance and we are so excited to offer this to our patients and community,” said Jones.