ORANGE PARK, FL, June 21, 2021 – Orange Park Medical Center now has new technology available to their patients for breast care. The hospital is now providing 3D mammograms and 3D biopsy procedures. The new technology helps better detect abnormalities through improved diagnostic accuracy and provides real-time imaging, which can reduce a mammogram or biopsy procedure time.

Patients with an abnormal mammogram result require a biopsy. This new technology provides the Radiologist the ability to perform the biopsy minimally invasively, with better accuracy and the same radiation dose as a standard 2D mammography. The 3D exam captures multiple views that give radiologists greater visibility into the different layers of the breast.

“The single most important thing to do to reduce your risk from dying from breast cancer is to get a screening mammogram,” says Dr. Scott Lind, a general surgeon that specializes in breast surgery at Orange Park Medical Center. “The advantage is to pick up a tumor at a smaller and early-stage to get a better prognosis, better treatment plan, and a better outcome.”

Orange Park Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Michelle O’Quinn was one of the first patients to receive a mammogram with the hospital’s new 3D technology. “I feel fortunate to be one of the first ones to have a 3D mammogram here. It was an amazing and fantastic experience. I’m so excited we have this technology at OPMC”.

In addition to O’Quinn, 21 Orange Park Medical Center employees participated in the hospital’s annual Employee Mammogram Day and experienced the new technology. “Early detection is key,” said Teneil Pollock, Orange Park Medical Center’s Lead Mammography Technologist. “My team is proud to have a part in taking care of our co-workers.” Pollock spent the day giving tours of the hospital’s new technology and encouraging employees awaiting their mammograms.

1 in 3 cancers in women is breast cancer. Dr. Lind says women need to be cognizant of their breasts, recognize their risk factors and be sure to follow the screening guidelines for getting routine mammograms.

To schedule your appointment for a 3D mammogram at Orange Park Medical Center call (888) 887-6675 or visit our breast health page for more information.