Orange Park Medical Center
September 10, 2017

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

This is our mission and pledge to the communities we serve … and most important during moments like this when Mother Nature introduces unique challenges.

For Community

  • Orange Park Medical Center & Park West ER will remain open to provide for our current patients and the emergency needs of our community throughout the storm.
  • If you are arriving at the hospital for care or to visit someone, we will be using a single entrance at the ER – please go to the ER for entry.
  • Outpatient and elective surgeries and appointments at physician practices or outpatient centers are cancelled on Monday, September 11. This includes appointments at Family Practice Associates of Orange Park, First Coast Neurology and First Coast Neurosurgery.
  • Mandatory evacuations have been called for the community and shelters are being established:
    • St. Johns County Shelters
      • Pacetti Bay Middle School (special needs)
      • Timberlin Creek Elementary School (pet friendly)
      • Southwoods Elementary School (pet friendly)
      • Pedro Menendez High School (general population)
      • Bartram Trail High School (general population)
    • Nassau County Shelters
      • Hilliard Middle School
      • Hilliard Elementary School
      • Bryceville Elementary School
      • Callahan Intermediate School
      • Callahan Middle School
    • Clay County Shelters
      • Clay High School (people only)
      • Orange Park High School (people only)
      • Wilkinson Elementary School (people only)
      • Lake Asbury Junior High (special needs, general population and pets) opening Saturday, September 9 at 12 noon
      • Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High (people only)
      • Tynes Elementary (people only)
  • Clay County & Duval County public schools will be closed through Tuesday and reopen on Wednesday, September 13.
  • Please follow the latest guidance on from the Florida State Emergency Response Team at Florida Disaster.
  • For the latest weather updates, please check: NOAA.
  • Below are additional resource sites specific to our community:

For Staff & Physicians

  • Thank you for all you do for our community during moments like this.
  • Current forecasts show Hurricane Irma to be a very large storm system that is bringing significant wind and rain to our community through late Monday, September 11.
  • Orange Park Medical Center & Park West ER will operate throughout this weather event.
  • o As a result, have activated our A/B staff recall:
    • A shift = Sunday 7:00pm - Monday 7:00am & Monday 7:00am – Monday 7:00pm
    • B shift = Estimated Monday afternoon (staff will be called in by Director once the storm has cleared)
    • Both shifts are required for safety to arrive at the hospital by 7:00pm Sunday and should check in at the entrance to the cafeteria. Please bring with you linens, pillows, snacks and toiletries. We will provide sleeping space for you in Conference Rooms A, B and C, but cannot accommodate family members. Accommodations for employees with children will be in the cafeteria dining room. Child care will be located in classrooms 2 and 7. Classroom 1 will be for napping for young children.
    • A pet care area has been set up at the northeast portion of the facility (directly behind Day Surgery) near Supply Chain. Pets must be in kennels or will not be allowed. Please bring all supplies needed (food, water, medications, etc).
  • Please follow the latest guidance on from the Florida State Emergency Response Team at Florida Disaster.
  • For the latest weather updates, please check: NOAA.
  • Generators, food, water and supplies have all been brought in to support the needs of our patients and caregivers during this period.
  • Please contact your director or department leader with department-specific questions.
  • For ongoing updates, please check back on this page or at:
  • If you experience loss or damage to your home or property, please remember HCA offers The Hope Fund and will expedite support for employees following the storm. Contact the HR Department for help or visit