Orange Park Medical Center
August 04, 2016

Ricky Gosyne never imagined he would find himself in a U.S. hospital getting surgery. At age 56, Gosyne had never stepped foot in a hospital for any major medical procedure but after meeting Orange Park Medical Center's physicians Dr. Michael Euwema and Dr. Richard Bultman during their missionary trip in Trinidad his life was changed forever.

For over 9 years Pastor Ricky Gosyne has served his community working with Mission to the World and the Ministry of Defense coordinating medical missionary trips to Trinidad and Tobago to provide medical care to those in need.

"These physicians and nurses go into very destitute and unsafe areas of Trinidad to help some very sick people," said Gosyne.

For over a year Gosyne had been suffering from severe pain starting at his hips and down each of his legs. When Dr. Bultman and Gosyne's paths crossed in Trinidad the physician noticed Gosyne's limp right away. Euwema and Bultman insisted that Gosyne return to the U.S. with them to receive the proper care he needed. At the end of their mission he did just that.

Back in the U.S. Dr. Mark Spatola, a Neuro Surgeon that practices at Orange Park Medical Center performed an MRI and confirmed that Gosyne was in need of a laminotomy. A procedure that removes part of the vertebral arch in order to decompress the corresponding spinal cord or spinal nerve root.

Dr. Spatola, Anesthesiologist Deevid Miller and Orange Park Medical Center's CEO Chad Patrick made the decision to provide their services and use of facility at no charge for the procedure.

"Pastor Ricky has spent nearly a decade giving back and helping those in need get proper medical care. It was an honor and easy decision for the physicians and Orange Park Medical Center to give back to him," said Chad Patrick, CEO.

"I have spent most of my life serving other people and I would have never guessed that I would be in a situation to get the same back" said Ricky Gosyne. "Spending time at Orange Park Medical Center with this medical team has been extraordinary. I will never forget my nurse's name, Paula, she treated me like I was at a five star hotel".

Gosyne has spent one month in the U.S. for his recovery and is now ready to return home to his family. "This is the longest I have ever been away from my family but I know it was necessary". With excitement and endless gratitude, Gosyne will be walking into the airport without a walking cane or a limp on his way to be reunited with his family.