Florida Asthma Coalition has announced Orange Park Medical Center as the first and only asthma-friendly hospital in the state of Florida. Florida Asthma Coalition recognizes the valuable role hospitals play in caring for patients with asthma and developed the Asthma-Friendly Hospital Recognition by collaborating with administrative, clinical, and supportive partners across the state.

"Asthma is the leading cause of pediatric visits to our emergency room so this is a huge win for Orange Park Medical Center. I am so proud to work with a team that makes helping those that live with asthma a priority. The high level of asthma care we are able to offer is due to the collaborative efforts of our physicians, respiratory therapists, pediatric and emergency department nurses and pharmacists", said Orange Park Medical Center's Director of Respiratory Therapy.

The steps taken by hospitals to earn this recognition helps to significantly reduce unnecessary hospital visits, re-admissions, and overall health outcomes due to asthma.

"We are pleased to announce Orange Park Medical Center is the first hospital in the state to earn Asthma-Friendly Hospital Recognition! We commend your efforts to help those living with asthma and improve their overall health and well-being.", Florida Asthma Coalition.