On the heels of a recent $126 million 101,435 sq. ft. expansion, Orange Park Medical Center has announced a $34 million multi-phase expansion set to be fully completed in the fall of 2023, creating over 80 new jobs. The expansion includes the construction of two new inpatient units that will add 48 private patient rooms. In addition, the project will include the building of a new state-of-the-art 20-bed intensive care unit (ICU) adding to its existing 28 ICU beds. Once completed, the hospital will have 408 total beds, making it the 5th largest hospital in the greater Jacksonville area.

In 2020, Orange Park Medical Center cared for over 1,700 patients requiring intensive care services for advanced cardiovascular care, complex neurovascular care, traumatic injuries, and other critical conditions.

"As we continue to care for an even greater complexity of patient needs here at Orange Park Medical Center, our ICU capacities and capabilities must adapt in parallel," says Dr. Justin Gisel, board certified critical care and pulmonary disease physician at Orange Park Medical Center. "We look to continue providing the highest levels of care in our expanding Medical, Surgical, Trauma, Cardiothoracic, and Neurological ICUs and look forward to this new expansion."

Orange Park Medical Center's chief medical officer Dr. Bradley Shumaker says the hospital has raised the bar as it relates to the level of care they are providing at Orange Park Medical Center, and they anticipate adding additional services over the coming years. "It's really important to us that we help our patients stay close to home," said Dr. Shumaker.

This new project will bring the latest in advanced patient room design and clinical technology to enhance clinical communication, collaboration and patient outcomes. For example, each new inpatient room will feature an advanced integrated system connecting the patient's bed and the nurse call system. Rooms will feature a 50" TV allowing patients the ability to watch their choice of entertainment on an Apple TV and display their medical information and care updates simultaneously. The rooms will also include Centrak technology, displaying a pop-up on the TV announcing their care team member's names upon entering the space, and will have high-speed internet available for patients and visitors.

In both of these clinical areas, Orange Park Medical Center has incorporated the latest technology and designs to provide care in a spacious, warm environment that helps support healing, including discreet medical equipment, natural light, warm tones, and peaceful décor.

"In total, this project brings 68 new inpatient beds to the facility," said Lisa Valentine, chief executive officer at Orange Park Medical Center. "We have already received overwhelmingly positive feedback with our most recent opening of the new patient tower and we are pleased to bring even more clinically advanced resources and capacity to better serve our growing community."

The expansion also includes a 300-space parking lot.