Orange Park Medical Center October 12, 2015

Orange Park, FL – Orange Park Medical Center is pleased to announce three new executives have joined their executive leadership team. Daphne David has been named Chief Operating Officer. Her predecessor, Chris Mosley, was promoted within HCA to Chief Executive Officer at Putnam Community Medical Center. Joseph Parra, MD comes from Wichita and is Chief Medical Officer, replacing Lawrence Coots, MD, who retired in August after a lengthy career in Orange Park. Finally, Kelly Lindsay, who served as Director of Cardiovascular Services at Orange Park has been promoted to a new executive slot on the team, Vice President of Operations, due to the additional demands of a fast-growing hospital. These new additions round out the existing leadership team, which includes Chad Patrick, Chief Executive Officer, Fred Ashworth, Chief Financial officer and Kathy Hester, Chief Nursing Officer.

Daphne David, Chief Operating Officer

Daphne David joins Orange Park Medical Center on October 26 as Chief Operating Officer. Daphne joined Garden Park Medical Center, an HCA facility, in July 1999 as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. Through the years, Daphne embraced new responsibilities including Managed Care Coordinator, Project Manager and Assistant Administrator before becoming the Chief Operating Officer in 2009. Daphne has extensive experience in departmental oversight and hospital operations and will focus greatly on employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction initiatives.

During Daphne’s tenure at Garden Park, she played a key role in improving the patient experience, growing volumes and improving margins, creating new services lines and programs as well as managing multiple construction projects including the development of a nine-bed inpatient Post Traumatic Stress Disorder unit, the first of its kind in the region. Daphne has been actively involved in a multitude of community boards and civic organizations and surrounds herself with strong leaders who have a passion for excellence in patient care.

Joseph Parra, M.D, Chief Medical Officer

Joseph Parra, M.D joined Orange Park Medical Center on October 1 as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Parra earned his medical degree in 2004 at the University of Kansas and completed his family medicine residency at Wesley Medical Center (an HCA facility) in Wichita. Dr. Parra has held various leadership and administrative positions throughout his career while practicing as a hospitalist at Wesley Medical Center. He has held chairmanships on the medical staff executive board overseeing credentialing, peer review and family medicine in addition to being medical director of the hospitalist group.

Early in his career, Dr. Parra was awarded the AAFP Bristol-Myers Squibb Award, given to only 10 residents nationally, which serves as a testament to his outstanding leadership, civic involvement, exemplary patient care, and aptitude for family medicine. He has also received several EmCare awards including the EmCare Hospitalist Excellence Award, EmCare Patient Experience Award for Hospital Medicine and the EmCare Collaboration Award (American Group).

Kelly Lindsay, Vice President of Operations

Kelly Lindsay, Director of Cardiovascular Services, was promoted September 1 to Vice President of Operations for Orange Park Medical Center. Kelly Lindsay has been with HCA, both at Memorial Hospital and Orange Park Medical Center, for more than 20 years, and has served in a leadership role in cardiovascular services at Orange Park Medical Center for the past10 years. Over the past five years here at Orange Park, she has been instrumental in growing thecardiovascular service line to become a regional leader, especially in open heart surgery, for which she and her team have earned numerous accreditations and accolades.

Kelly has demonstrated strong skills in leadership, project management and process improvement and is a terrific complement to the officers in the executive suite. As VP of Operations, Kelly is overseeing several key departments in the hospital.