Orange Park Medical Center January 26, 2017

Orange Park, FL - Richard Tucker was shot in the head on January 4th while working as a store clerk at Bill's Food Store in West Jacksonville. Tucker immediately came to Orange Park Medical Center through their Trauma center. Once a science teacher and a radio personality, Tucker now with two bullets lodged in his brain has had to relearn how to walk, talk and do simple math.

Before his brain injury Tucker enjoyed winning at trivia, kayaking and spending time with his dogs. After only three weeks of rehabilitation at Orange Park Medical Center, Tucker is able to hold a conversation, go shopping at the hospital gift shop and has begun to piece back together the memory of his life before the injury. His physician, Dr. Travis Von Tobel says it's miraculous that he survived an injury of this caliber and how far he has come in his recovery is a pure miracle.

Tucker's short term goal is going home to play with his dogs. His long term goal is to get back into a kayak and get back to enjoying Jacksonville's nature again. Richard wants to share his recovery story to help inspire others with traumatic brain injuries to not give up hope.

To assist Tucker with his medical expenses Orange Park Medical Center is providing all rehabilitation services at no-charge.