Clay Chamber team with HCA Healthcare donation

April 15, 2020 - The Clay County Chamber of Commerce sprang into action earlier this month, after the President shared his recommendation that everyone wear masks in public. The Chamber quickly created a COVID-19 Task Force to begin work on making personal protective equipment (PPE) for the community. To help make this happen, Orange Park Medical Center's parent company HCA Healthcare donated nearly 1,000 sterilization wraps that will be turned into face masks.

The recycled polyprophylene fabric is typically used to wrap surgical equipment after it is cleaned and stored for its next use.

Jayden Heisler prepping wire for masks

"I'm extremely grateful to be part of a team that is working tirelessly to keep our patients and each other safe during this crisis," said Dr. Kasia Walosik, Anesthesiologist and Chief of Staff at Orange Park Medical Center. "Seeing HCA go above-and-beyond to help those beyond our four walls gives us all a great sense of pride."

The Chamber's task force, now including over 60 individuals and businesses, has begun the production on what will be 8,000 masks that will be donated to first responders and healthcare workers. Their first delivery will be Friday, April 17th.

Keith Ward, Thomas May Construction Company

Clay County Chamber of Commerce President Wendell Chindra says he's thankful for Orange Park Medical's prompt response and generous donation of the material. "This sterilization material together with local volunteers helps us provide the needed masks for our community. Orange Park Medical Center is committed to Clay County and its residents, and this life saving material is another great example of that."

Photo Credit : Heisler Studio

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