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Women's Center

Providing High Quality Family Centered Care

nurse with mother and baby

Why Choose Orange Park Medical Center? Women have traditionally chosen Orange Park Medical Center to deliver their babies because of the compassionate, high-quality care they receive from our highly skilled staff. A full range of programs and services for women and children are provided at our facility. Family-centered maternity services are complemented by choice and flexibility in childbirth; allowing for comfortable rooms; the latest in medical equipment; and our staff, which includes some of the area’s most qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and nurse midwives. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery provides babies with specialized needs the high level of care they require. Having our NICN allows one of the most important elements in bringing a new life into the world... keeping the family together!

Starting Off Right

A safe, healthy childbirth doesn’t begin with the first sign of labor. It starts before conception; therefore we encourage and promote healthy lifestyles and habits. If you suspect you are pregnant, we encourage you to seek early prenatal care. If you need help in selecting a physician, please call our free physician referral number at (800) 889-3627. When you first discover you are pregnant, we offer a complete range of pregnancy services including special prenatal testing, high and low risk diagnostic services, and a wide variety of educational programs.

It’s a Family Affair

Whether you are a first time mother-to-be or an experienced one, a women’s pregnancy is one of the most important times of her life. We’ve designed our facilities as a labor, delivery and recovery room (LDR) concept to complete all phases of childbirth in the same room. These large, private rooms are designed to safely accommodate normal labor, delivery and immediate postpartum recovery for you and your family. While decorated with moms in mind, rooms feature a home-like decor, soothing setting and the latest medical equipment for safe, comfortable deliveries. Orange Park Medical Center is proud to offer private rooms to all maternity patients. We have 30 private mother/baby rooms and nine private labor, delivery and recovery (LDR) rooms.

Extraordinary Care

Our staff includes some of the area’s most qualified and experienced doctors, nurses and nurse-midwives. A fivebed triage/treatment room allows us to assess expectant mothers for emergent and nonemergent conditions and we have three operating rooms available for Cesarean deliveries on the unit.

Level-2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

We have a seven-bed Level-2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) fully equipped to handle our smallest patients. This unit is staffed with neonatologists and advanced neonatal nurse practitioners, which means babies with special needs can get the high level of medical attention they require. Having a NICU allows moms and families to remain close to their newborn, one of the most important elements in bringing a new life into the world.

We go to great lengths to help the entire family adjust to the upcoming birth. To help introduce your new arrival to friends and family, photos of infants recently born at our hospital are available on (password-protected). A twenty-four-hour hotline to the Newborn Nursery is a valuable resource for new parents.

Lactation Corner

Our Lactation Corner provides the help and support needed while breastfeeding your newborn. The Lactation Corner offers experienced, Board-Certified Lactation Consultants to guide you through these times, so that you can enjoy this meaningful experience.

Personalized care is offered to you and your baby which includes:

  • In-hospital visits and support
  • A telephone Help Line to answer your questions about breastfeeding
  • Follow-up telephone calls after your delivery
  • Prenatal breastfeeding classes
  • Educational materials
  • Breastfeeding support group

Our Lactation Consultant is available, upon request, for inpatient consultations and can be reached through voicemail at (904) 639-3515.

Learning Opportunities

We go to great lengths to help the entire family adjust to the upcoming birth. Our sibling classes will help ease children’s fears of bringing a new baby home and teach them how to help with caring for their new brother or sister. We also offer a full range of classes for parents covering pregnancy, breastfeeding, prepared childbirth, and baby care. First-time moms will benefit from our complete childcare series. Experienced families, however, may opt for a refresher course. In either case, a tour of our facilities can be a great help. If you need more information you may call (800) 889-3627.

  • Birthing Suite Tours and/or Early Pregnancy Class
  • Prenatal and Cesarean Section Classes
  • Cesarean Section Class Only
  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Sibling Preparedness Class

View a schedule of our upcoming classes and tours.