Surgeries and Procedures


The North Florida Advanced Robotics Institute is the leader in pioneering robotic surgery in the area. More than 1200 robotic-assisted surgeries have been performed allowing patients to recover quicker, with less pain and improved outcomes.

Our robotic team evaluates your individual condition and concerns. We use superior diagnostic technology and offer a variety of robot-assisted minimally invasive procedures including the following:

CARDIAC – Mitral Valve Repair

LUNG – Pulmonary Lobectomy and Wedge Resection

GENERAL SURGERY – Cholecystectomy, Colon Resection, Nissen Fundoplication, Ventral Hernia, Inguinal Hernia

GYNECOLOGY – Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Salping-oophorectomy, Endometriosis Resection

UROLOGY – Prostatectomy, Nephrectomy (Radical and Partial), Adrenalectomy

Physicians/Surgeons by Specialty



  • Nathan Bates, M.D.


  • Nathan Bates, M.D.

General Surgery

  • John D. Brinkman, M.D. FACS
  • Fawzi Farha, M.D.
  • Diane H. Rhoden, M.D.
  • Alexander T. Rose, M.D.


  • Shazia Bashir, M.D., MHP
  • Angela S. Collier, M.D.
  • Eric J. Edelenbos, D.O.
  • Richard A. McCauley, M.D.
  • Fernando Moreno, M.D.
  • Jade L. Pizarro, M.D.
  • Roland Powers, D.O.
  • Arjav T. Shah, M.D.


  • Mary Ann Kenneson, M.D.