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Hoeft Family Story

An Amazing ER Experience

Aimee Hoeft heard the kids screaming. There were lots of them playing outside. She didn’t know one of them was hurt until her husband, Mike, came running in with her son Tyler. Mike was using a tee-shirt to staunch the flow of blood coming from a gash in Tyler’s forehead.

Tyler was playing and dove for the kickball. His head hit the sharp metal flashing above the foundation of the apartment building.

“I saw all of the blood, and I knew we had to get to the hospital,” Aimee says. “I knew it wasn’t life threatening, but my baby was hurting, and I just knew that we needed to get to the hospital right away.”

The family lives near OPMC, so there was no time to question where the couple should take eight-year old Tyler. However, Aimee had heard the hospital’s reputation wasn’t the greatest.

But after what she calls an “amazing experience,” Aimee is now singing the hospital’s praises. “I never had a chance to really worry or get hysterical, because everything happened so fast. We we’re taken care of so quickly that it really comforted me and really made me feel like my baby was getting the best treatment that he could get.  It was very reassuring, because if I had been waiting in the waiting room for any amount of time, I would have just started to get more and more upset and nervous and worried, but I never had that chance. It was amazing.”

Before Aimee finished filling out the intake form, Tyler was called back to triage, and before Mike could get to the car and back to get a shirt for Tyler, the boy was seeing the PA, Charles Greenley, who was asking if Tyler hurt anywhere other than his forehead.

An x-ray showed Tyler also had broken a wrist. After 12 stitches, a splint and a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, Tyler was home less than two hours after he hurt himself. The injury caused the athletic youngster to miss the rest of his baseball season, and one day of school, which was perhaps the most painful part of his ordeal. Tyler, who is also an outstanding student, was devastated that he wasn’t going to get the perfect school attendance award he looking forward to.

On the bright side, His mom says the ER did such a good job with the stitches, that Tyler likely won’t have a noticeable scar. “Every person that we had an interaction with was amazing. Everyone was really professional and very willing to help us. They made us feel special, not that we were just another number or patient. They really seemed concerned.”

Aimee says she will recommend OPMC to anyone now, and although she hopes she doesn’t see the inside of the ER again, she wouldn’t go anywhere else for care.